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Xingyuan Electronic Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. Its products are mainly liquid crystal display modules. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales.

Xingyuan science and technology center includes LCM R & D department, BL R & D department, LCM PE department, BL PE department and tooling department. The R & D center is mainly responsible for creating new products, new technologies and new processes. At the same time, it is mainly responsible for selecting and introducing more mature products in the industry at home and abroad. It is learning and optimizing advanced technologies in the same industry at home and abroad, so as to gradually form its own core technology. In 2009, it was the first in China to Design Taiwan's 7-inch large substrate panel and implement mass production, which played a leading role in the industry and made remarkable achievements in market sales. The successful design and mass production of this product marks the independent R & D road required by the team of Xingyuan technology R & D center to officially move towards the Chinese market. So far, Xingyuan technology R & D team has developed and designed 3.5 ~ 11.6-inch TFT series products in the industry. In terms of R & D technology, production output and quality, it ranks in the forefront of its domestic peers. The PE department makes a complete SOP according to the product, quickly calculates the standard working hours, and timely solves and improves the production process according to the production standards and process improvement in terms of new product trial production and mass production. The tooling department shall complete the mold design of product parts as soon as possible according to the R & D design drawings, and then quickly complete the mold of parts according to the drawings. The existing tooling department has the ability to make molds for all parts required by the module, covering products: iron frame, rubber frame, light guide plate, light guide plate dot processing, punching knife die, steel die, etc. The whole technical center forms a one-stop technical service team. In the early stage, there is the design of the R & D center, followed by the tooling department to quickly produce the product molds required for R & D. In the mass production stage of new product introduction, the PE department can quickly connect the technology between R & D and production. At the same time, the PE department provides production with later mass production process improvement, standard man hour optimization, etc. The team of Xingyuan technology center is among the best in technology and service in the same industry.

In terms of technology, Xingyuan technology has cooperation with panel suppliers in South Korea, Taiwan and Mainland China, and has close contacts with major IC suppliers. Enable panel suppliers and IC suppliers to quickly communicate and verify new technologies. It can quickly improve the technical ability of the Xingyuan technology center team in communication. At the same time, it can meet the needs of customers for new products and technologies.

In terms of talents, Xingyuan science and technology team is famous for its youth, vitality and enthusiasm. At the same time, it has the capacity to absorb all rivers, and is constantly learning and accepting the latest technical knowledge. At present, the engineers of the technology center mainly involve software, hardware, institutions, engineering, molds and other talents, all of whom have bachelor's degree or above, covering professionals in electronics, electric power, information engineering, computer, machinery, chemical industry, electricity and other related majors.

In terms of hardware, Xingyuan technology insists that high-end test equipment can ensure the reliability of product research and development, and products must undergo strict testing to ensure product quality. High end optical test instruments and platforms such as BM-7, bm-5a, K-10, K-8 and ca-210, and a series of R & D instruments such as dot simulation software, laser dot instrument, oscilloscope, logic analyzer, LVDS / TTL signal generator and laser repair instrument support R & D and design. In terms of product stability, there are R & D high and low temperature laboratory and product aging room. Among their domestic counterparts, they are also at the leading level.

In terms of management, since the establishment of Xingyuan science and technology center in 2003, the management of the technology center has been exploring, improving and perfecting. Adopt project management, take posts through internal competition, and select the best internal and external. Mobilize the ability and potential of R & D personnel to the greatest extent, and give full play to the maximum effect with the least and optimized human resources. At the same time, it also gives more space to talented and capable talents.

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