Enterprise mission

Meet customer needs, create employee happiness, realize shareholders' wishes, and bravely assume social responsibility. One by one, contribute to the Chinese dream!

Note: the enterprise integrates with customers, employees and shareholders to create a win-win situation. Employees not only pursue material and spiritual satisfaction, but also create a sense of self-achievement and responsibility! Through business activities, the company creates more taxes for the country, solves more employment opportunities, makes the society more harmonious, and supports our country to realize the Chinese dream as soon as possible!

Enterprise vision

Be the first LCM brand of Chinese private enterprises

Note: the company ranks among the top in the LCM industry of domestic private enterprises. Xingyuan people strive to reach the first level in the LCM industry of domestic private enterprises in terms of output value, net profit and brand.

Core values

Practical work, service, diligence, thrift, learning and innovation

Note: hard work, empty talk will harm the country, and hard work will prosper the country. It is not just verbal, but immediate action. In the new era, all Xingyuan people are required to do what they say. Service: have a sense of service, be externally responsible to customers, and all the business value is to serve customers well. The internal previous process department serves the next process department. Only when it flows to the next process department with quality and quantity guaranteed, the work of the previous department can reflect the value. Transforming external market pressure into internal management pressure is the core of service consciousness.

Diligence and thrift, diligence is diligence, and thrift is thrift. There is nothing difficult in the world when one is diligent, and everything in the world is idle when one is lazy. Diligence is the foundation of running a family and starting a business. Xingyuan people continue to create miracles in their hard work. Thrift, thrift in life is the foundation of maintaining honesty, and thrift in work is the basis of making profits

Learning, learning makes people progress, is also the basis of innovative thinking. We continue to make progress in learning and grow in competition. Learning ability is also a prerequisite for innovation.

Innovation, through management innovation, product and technology innovation and corporate culture innovation, promotes enterprises to enhance market competitiveness. Therefore, innovation is not only the inexhaustible driving force for enterprise development, but also the embodiment of team cohesion and creativity.

Enterprise spirit

All actions are under command

Note: as Xingyuan people, we should obey the command and instructions in all actions, and never find excuses to implement them.  Obedience is a bounden duty. All the armies in the world emphasize absolute obedience. It can be said that without absolute obedience and execution, an army will have no combat effectiveness and it will be difficult to win a war; This is true in enterprise management. Since the work order is issued, it must be unconditionally implemented, understood and obeyed, and those who do not understand must be understood in obedience!


Mr. Shen (Sales)