Key points of talent strategy

Deepen the understanding of talent work, firmly establish the idea of "talent strategy is the first strategy", practically enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility for implementing the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with talents, further strengthen and improve talent work, and explore new mechanisms, new ideas and new forms of recruiting talents to adapt to the development of the company; Reasonably build a talent platform to provide basic guarantee for enriching all kinds of talents.

Talent selection concept

Exceptional employment with virtue and talents, cultivation and use without virtue and talents, restricted use without virtue and talents, and determined not to use without virtue and talents.

Talent appointment concept

Enterprises take the stage, employees sing, give full play to their talents and realize themselves;

Choose by virtue, position by ability and salary by contribution.

Talent training concept

Xingyuan is a school. The company converts 80% of the system into enterprise training; We are committed to the cultivation of talents and the construction of corporate culture, and provide employees with competitive treatment, good learning environment (including opportunities for internal and external training) and development space.

Employment mechanism

Fair, just, open, competitive, incentive and selective selection.

Employment standards

Loyal to the enterprise, brave in innovation, good at communication, stronger than profession, dare to undertake and willing to cooperate.

Employee relationship concept

Xingyuan is a harmonious home, and every employee is an indispensable member of this family; There is family intimacy, trust and warmth. We are a collective of collective struggle, unity and coordination, sharing weal and woe.

Compensation and benefits

The salary of employees mainly includes fixed salary and floating salary; Adhering to the principles of fairness and justice, implement the salary policy of salary based on ability, bonus based on performance and commission; At the same time, diversified welfare policies are implemented, mainly including paid annual leave, birthday gifts, cultural and sports activities, tourism, household registration transfer, year-end bonus, etc.

Talent reserve

If you are interested in joining Xingyuan, you can send us your complete resume by email. We will contact you in time when there is a suitable position demand.


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