● salary policy

Xingyuan has competitive salary standards and implements annual salary adjustment according to national policies and company performance

● bonus incentives

In order to motivate all employees to achieve the company's annual performance objectives, a target achievement bonus is set

● insurance system

Handle endowment insurance, industrial injury insurance and medical insurance for employees

● leave system

Enjoy annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave and a series of statutory holidays

● holiday gifts

Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and other traditional festivals enjoy holiday gifts

● caring donation

Provide financial support for each employee and family in terms of children's school attendance, happy events, difficulties, etc

● monthly outstanding employees

There are not only excellent employee bonuses, but also parents' congratulations

● seniority performance bonus

The service is 100 yuan / month after one year

● dependent parent allowance

For employees who promise to pay their parents living expenses, the company will subsidize another 100 yuan to their parents

● birthday gift

Take photos and send 100 yuan to your parents for your birthday every month

● innovation proposal bonus

In addition to the Innovation Award, the parents of the colleagues who make the innovation proposal can also receive a 50 yuan congratulatory fund and honorary certificate from the company


Mr. Shen (Sales)